About us

The Centre of Action for Food Security and Sustainable Development (CASAD) is an apolitical, secular and non-profit organization.


To be a recognized institution of public utility, efficient, and undeniable in terms of capacity building of rural communities for improved food security and the promotion of sustainable development


CASAD's mission is to improve the Food and nutritional security and support sound management of natural resources through knowledge management, facilitation, capacity building and empowerment of rural communities and agricultural organizations.

Our Values

Development commitment : CASAD is committed to promote sustainable development, improve the well-being of agricultural and rural people, according to a good governance and in the respect of the environment.

Transparency: CASAD wants to ensure excellence, transparency and accountability in all its projects and to all stakeholders beneficiaries. CASAD will demonstrate a high ethical integrity and professional in the carrying of its mission.

Empowering communities : CASAD will seek to help individuals, groups, and organisations  it works with, while respecting the richness and diversity of their voices, by enabling them to build and strengthen their capacities and become self-reliant ;

Promote equity of man and woman: CASAD will encourage equity between men and women, as well as the active involvement of young people in its programs.